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In today’s fast developing exhibition business, top managers stand out through sound strategic thinking and well – developed professional expertise. Being aware of these challenges, IFES offers a certification program for the exhibition and event service industry.

The program is named “IFES Certified Expert” (ICE) and provides professionals with an educational program, which stands for state-of-the-art knowledge and a network dedicated to helping them face new challenges and ac quire new business on a global basis.

A program from Members for Members and their Employees

The IFES Global Exchange Program is a unique learning platform to create new inter-national contacts within the industry. It helps to build relationships with partner firms. Participants will gain new perspectives on Design, Detail-ing, Project Management and Sales.

Attending the GEE Program means “Work in a team environment that will encourage open mindedness, team-work, compromise and skill sharing”. Participants will enjoy work and social cultural experiences, while improving language and work related skills.
And – beside direct costs, participants have to bare, it is free of charge.

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