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Presenting sound so easy…. and if done right it is!

Learn the tricks of the trade…

If you know how our clients take their buying decision …. you know how to stimulate them to do that in your favour!

In these day where clients and budget holders experience increased pressure to realize their company growth goals the importance of good sales people is becoming bigger and bigger. Just telling people what you do is no longer doing the trick anymore. Many skills like Authenticity needs to be part of the sales toolbox.

Jean Pierre Brouwers and Han Leenhouts noticed this in the Netherlands. Initiated by Karla Juegel five years ago, IFES MasterClass became a relevant education program with high impact for the audience of our industry. After five years with a focus on Marketing we now step in the direction of “Sales”.

So what MasterClass 2018 will be is a state of the art selling course, showing market trends helping to master your presentation skills.

A “Don’t miss” is “What predator birds tell about our commercial presence…” have your mobiles charged and the flash empty…

Second Edition of the ICE PROGRAM Starts in December 2018

IFES announces the second IFES Certified Expert (ICE) program to be conducted in Frankfurt, Germany, from December 3rd – 7th in Frankfurt.
The ICE program gives a comprehensive vision along with detailed methodologies to drive participants’ careers forward, while also providing a solid theoretical reference for exhibit industry professionals.

In today’s fast developing exhibition business, top managers stand out through sound strategic thinking and well-developed professional expertise. Being aware of these challenges, IFES, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, offers a certification pro- gram for the exhibition and event service industry. The program is named “IFES Certified Expert (ICE)” and targets professionals from within the exhibition and event services industry. IFES provides industry professionals with an educational program, which stands for state-of-the-art knowledge and a network dedicated to helping them face new challenges and acquire new business opportunities.

A program from Members for Members and their Employees

The IFES Global Exchange Program is a unique learning platform to create new inter-national contacts within the industry. It helps to build relationships with partner firms. Participants will gain new perspectives on Design, Detail-ing, Project Management and Sales.

Attending the GEE Program means “Work in a team environment that will encourage open mindedness, team-work, compromise and skill sharing”. Participants will enjoy work and social cultural experiences, while improving language and work related skills.
And – beside direct costs, participants have to bare, it is free of charge.

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