During the IELA TALK 2.1 on Wednesday October 7th 2020 co-hosted by IFES, the International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services, about The NEW NORMAL in a NEW ERA, the speakers discussed on the identified challenge-area of the NEW NOW of the Exhibition Industry: – Modularity – Sustainability – Health & Safety – Technology – & Leadership MODERATOR: Justin Hawes – IFES, Incoming President, and Scan Display Solutions, Managing Director SPEAKERS: – Torsten Heinze – IFES, Vice President-Strategy and Czarnowski GmbH, Managing Director – Niseth Boerrigter – Schenker Australia Pty Ltd, Australia – IELA Member – Jacqui Nel – EF-GSM South Africa, South Africa – IELA Board Member The participants were welcomed by IELA 2020-2022 Chairperson, Guido Fornelli, and questions were raised at the end by several participants. Full replay in this video

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