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EuroShop 2020 design trends

Euroshop is considered the world’s #1 retail trade fair. Taking place every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany, the event is a showcase for the latest trends in retail marketing and display – from exhibition stand design, shop fitting and store design, to lighting, flooring, digital signage and more.


Our Skyperol is the chance to catch up with the latest developments and share ideas on business survive strategies. So, we will focus in our meeting on Clever Solutions, following the IFES Credo: Sharing knowledge. If me becomes we, everything becomes possible.

Latest trends and highlights from EuroShop 2020

EuroShop is held every 3 years in Dusseldorf, Germany and dubbed as the World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair. This year, 2,300 exhibitors from 57 nations strutted their stuff for 94,000 attendees from over 142 countries that all gathered on the Rhine river to experience the latest trends and concepts in retail marketing. stevensE3’s President Cam Stevens has attended the show for the 10th time, and it is the second time for the company to exhibit, since 1990. Each succeeding trade event continues to improve upon the last in terms of technology, ingenuity, and creativity.

abs group at euroshop 2020

Let’s meet at Euroshop 2020!

ABS Group responds to the store-design revolution with Phygital Retail, a real “fusion” between structures in textile architecture and home automation, sensors and multimedia devices. At the forthcoming Euroshop the company presents a new proposal for a contemporary store: a multisensory space in which digital technologies integrate perfectly with physical media, to the point of blending the boundaries separating one from the other.

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