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Where do Design Ideas come from?

Creative exhibit design can come from anywhere. Original creativity expresses an emotion that has not been seen from others, but is then often copied.

4foreverything reinforces its international expansion with the support of David O’Connor, former Managing Director of GES Europe, as a business development consultant for the European market.

2021 is a crucial year for the international growth of 4foreverything. The second half of 2021 will see the implementation and rollout of the international expansion strategy thanks to the counselling of David O´Connor.

The IFES history – from 1984 – 2021

IFES…….37 Years… 1984- 2021 The Birth and Growth of the International Federation of Exhibitions & Event Services A perspective from IFES past president Larry Kulchawik 2004-2006


Orphee Beinoglou Group, has launched  the Orphee Beinoglou Logistics Park, completing a 2-year investment plan. The Orphee Beinoglou Logistics Park has a total area of 45,000 sq.m. Premises are equipped with innovative applications for better e-commerc …

Justin Hawes (MD of Scan Display and current IFES President) for Business Events Africa: Exhibitions in 2021/2 – a global outlook

Across the globe, exhibitions are on hold with little certainty on when they will be able to resume. The exception is the Middle East, which seems to have been better able to stem the spread of the virus. Many organisers have developed online platforms to continue working. However, these have not been successful. Uta Goretzky, Executive Director of IFES, believes that exhibitions work because face-to-face meetings engender trust quickly and effectively, allowing business to proceed. It’s much harder to build trust online. Since the global industry has largely been paused, there is a pent-up demand for trade shows. UFI’s research also reveals that more value is now placed on face-to-face marketing. Yet, the unknowns around vaccine efficacy, and how long it will take consumer confidence and marketing budgets to return, make it hard to know when exhibitions will resume. Across the board, it’s agreed that events will begin locally, followed by regionally and then internationally. They will likely be smaller with fewer visitors, at least initially, and will depend on technology to improve both safety and reach.

ESSA: Open Letter to the British Government

The Events Industry Alliance and ESSA have issued an open letter to Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak outlining the urgent need for targeted support and a clear roadmap to reopening to allow for planning when the time is right:

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