1st Place


by montECOlino

Montecolino has developed a carpet management system for Fiera Milano where they have obtained the certificate of 100% recyclability of their products. After the exhibition or the event the products are turned into new plastic products. Stop to the dumps for a sustainable future in the fair sector, following the concept of Circular economy as defined by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

2nd Place

Circular furniture concept

by JMT – together with Plastic Whale and Vepa

While the current line of Plastic Whale’s furniture is not ‘rental proof’ due to the heavy weight, the size and the fragility, Plastic Whale and Vepa are currently working hard to bring the successor to their high-end collection to the market.

3rd Place


by visuals united AG

FOTOBODEN™ is a photorealistic printed vinyl flooring for trade fairs, stands and events. It is used for large area floor advertisement, visual communication and for decoration. It is easy to use, long-lasting, and has a brilliant appearance. The product was developed by visuals united AG, Germany, and is patented in the core European markets.



by Red Resource Design

Using “Paperwood” we are able to design and build temporary structures quickly, cleanly and more cost effectively. The nature of the board makes it an ideal material to use in the expo industry, for activation’s, bulkheads in retail  environment and signage.

Event Metrics

by Expocloud

Expocloud collects performance data just like google analytics: With Event Metrics sensors the service detects automatically and GDPR compliant the behavior of trade show visitors. The collected data is available in real time either in the Portal ExpoCloud or in the Insights App.

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