Presenting sound so easy…. and if done right it is!

Learn the tricks of the trade…

If you know how our clients take their buying decision …. you know how to stimulate them to do that in your favour!

In these day where clients and budget holders experience increased pressure to realize their company growth goals the importance of good sales people is becoming bigger and bigger. Just telling people what you do is no longer doing the trick anymore. Many skills like Authenticity needs to be part of the sales toolbox.

Jean Pierre Brouwers and Han Leenhouts noticed this in the Netherlands. Initiated by Karla Juegel five years ago, IFES MasterClass became a relevant education program with high impact for the audience of our industry. After five years with a focus on Marketing we now step in the direction of “Sales”.

So what MasterClass 2018 will be is a state of the art selling course, showing market trends helping to master your presentation skills.

A “Don’t miss” is “What predator birds tell about our commercial presence…” have your mobiles charged and the flash empty

Where do we do that?

Although the New York Times and many other newspapers and magazines put Rotterdam top on the list as dutch locations… we choose Amsterdam because it is a fun place to be and in the Golden Ages Amsterdam was the trade-center of the world. So the perfect place to learn about sales from the people who invented it years ago.

It fits perfectly in the “Sharing Knowledge” on selling our projects itself and also our industry as a way to achieve your company goals.

So what do we offer at least and we are still searching for more…

  • State of the art selling course
  • Presentation skills master
  • Trends in the market
  • “What can predator birds tell us about our commercial presence…” (a not-to-miss session on day 2)
    With real birds…(selfies are allowed, so come with a fully loaded smartphone)

We call upon all colleagues who are in direct contact with clients

  •  Sales managers (and sales directors)
  • Project managers
  • Designers
  • Owners of exhibition

The Master Class

    • Hands on, all lessons should be applicable the next day.
    • All sessions are very interactive, less than 40% lecture style.
    • Only trainers with in-depth training experience and/or specific knowledge about the new way of selling

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