6 speakers all give 1 insight

 Biggest challenges these days?

  • Pitches with too many participants! Cost of pitches rise and rise.
  • How do we make a real difference other than a nice stand?
  • More demanding clients day in day out!
  • How to present your company in a way that gives you an edge at once


Mindset selling. What is the journey clients make before they buy your company, you as a person and your project proposal.

If you have knowledge of that process or even better when you master it your results will go up. In fact that is our promise. Calculate the raise in profit if you score 2 more projects? Or 4 more? Or 6 more? The profit will by far exceed the investment in the masterclass.

Our speakers guide you trough this process and add insights to become a real partner.

Riemer Rijpkema will show how knowledge of our industry and the role of live communication can help you during intakes and presentations. (Riemer gives 1 insight)

Pieter Paul Visser will show you the art of presenting in itself. Sound easy but how many times have you been taken by a presentation? (PP gives 1 insight)

Jean-Pierre Brouwers and Marius Smit (Plastic Whale). A theme which becomes more and more important CSR: Learn from an idealist and Jean-Pierre will connect it to our daily life in the exhibition industry and how you can win more contracts, gaining more profit by using CO2 neutral solutions. (Jean-Pierre and Marius give you 1 inside each)

Fares Boustanji our “Bird” man. Will bring a least 4 extra feathered trainers. In an amazing show you will actually feel why some are present and some are not. A must see. (Fares gives 1 insight)

Han Leenhouts Sales and Exhibition trainer will guide you trough the Buying Process. After this session you will always be able to identify how far a client is from signing the deal.
Good for on the one end salesman/designer/project manager in contact with clients but also on the other hand for the MD’s to manage the process.


Arrival - Monday, 10.12


  • 07.30 pm Network Dinner

Day 1 - Tuesday, 11.12

08.30  am – 09.00 am Registration & networking coffee
09.00 am  – 09.15 am Introduction of day 1
09.15 am  – 10.45 am Sales workshop (Latest skills – Part 1 – Han Leenhouts)
10.45 am  – 11.15 am Networking coffee
11.15 am  – 12.45 pm The battle for the marketing/sales euro (Riemer Rijpkema)
12.45 pm – 01.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm – 03.00 pm Plastic soup JMT
03.00 pm – 03.15 pm Networking coffee
03.15 pm – 04.45 pm Plastic Soup With JMT
04.45 pm – 05.00 pm Closing the first day
07.30 pm Network Dinner 

Day 2 - Wednesday 12.12

08.30 am – 09.00 am  Registration & networking coffee
09.00 am  – 09.15 am  Introduction of day 2
09.15 am  – 10.45 am  Sales workshop (Latest skills – Part 2 – Han Leenhouts)
10.45 am  – 11.15 am  Networking coffee
11.15 am  – 12.45 am  Presentation skills (How to be different – Pieter Paul)
12.45 am  – 01.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm – 03.00 pm Special act Rebird (Predator workshop)
03.00 pm – 03.15 pm Networking coffee
03.15 pm – 04.45 pm Special act Rebird (Predator workshop)
04.45 pm – 05.00 pm Closing the second day

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