The third place is awarded to Kadmon-Brin for their thoughtful design of the TEVA Api Booth at CPHI, Frankfurt. Their client requested an “out‐of‐the‐box +sustainability concept”, and Kadmon-Brin exceeded their expectations with this unusual concept empowered by sustainability. This challenging design was built by GO EXHIBITIONS who combined beMatrix modular system in a very creative way at the highest standard. The TEVA stand’s perimeter walls and counters were constructed completely out of cardboard boxes, designed not only for the look but also for the structural stability. The stand’s five meeting rooms and kitchen/storage all had glass doors and windows mounted into cardboard walls.

Not only did the concept make use of cradle‐to‐cradle sustainable material with a low carbon footprint, but it also ensured that more than 90% of the stand-building material was reusable or recyclable, with very little waste. Even the relatively big Videowall was made of beMatrix modular system covered with recycled textile banner. High-efficiency LED lighting and a suspended vertical garden provided the finishing touches.

Judges comment A really great initiative to see cardboard boxes used in this way! The look and the curved walls worked very well in the context, showing us what is possible when you work with different types of materials in trade fair construction. This is not an out-of-reach complex design; it shows what you can do with a normal booth when you just put in a little extra thought, so it has broad appeal. This is a tangible, experiential, “out-of-the-box” product. A very cool project that speaks for itself!

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