IFES guest at EMECA EU Working Group meeting in Brussels, 22nd February 2018

27.03.2018 | IFES Press Releases

The EMECA EU WG members met at the EMECA premises the day after the Exhibition Industry EU Dialogue to dive deep into several legal topics relevant for the exhibition industry, to analyse, discuss and find positions. Uta Goretzky participated as a guest for IFES, completing the picture and position finding as to the Posting of Workers legislation. After reviewing the current state of the matter, it was decided to closely monitor the upcoming revision of the underlying Directive and to check whether a comprehensive info tool exists which list the cross border conditions and administrative procedures to be completed for all EU countries. The exhibition associations do not have the means to build up a data base on their own which would need constant updating. In addition to this, input is welcome to be provided to Barbara Weizsäcker on national solutions, good practices and exemptions for the exhibition industry, so that active proposals can be made to the legislators.


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