22-year-old, German-born, Dominique Bohler only started working in the IFES Management Office in September 2022 but already has a well-earned reputation as a ‘quick study’ amongst the IFES Management team members. He spent two years volunteering in France directly after his a-degree and is now excited to work part-time for IFES while studying international business management at a local university.

Initially drawn to IFES by the potential to contribute to achieving IFES sustainability goals, Dominique quickly realised that his talent for quickly understanding, carefully analysing and constantly improving processes was going to fit in with the IFES work culture very well. “To be honest, there is already a great work ethic in the office. From the moment I walked in, it just felt very welcoming and familiar. I especially enjoy being part of this global network where everyone talks at eye level, knowing that this is a perfect enrichment to my studies.”

Of course, with sustainability as a critical focus for the IFES community at present and the Sustainability Committee already in full swing, Dominique will be kept very busy researching, recommending and communicating courses of action around sustainability and environmental responsibility for IFES members as well.

In the spare time he does have, Dominique enjoys meeting up with friends, watching a good movie or being creative in any sense, including acting. “Besides that, I actually enjoy every kind of learning, so university sometimes feels like spare time as well,” he says. “I’m currently learning Spanish and Chinese and I hope that there are more languages to come.”

An eternal optimist, Dominique lives by the maxim of ‘Singing in the rain!’ maintaining that you always have to keep up your optimism and believe in your dreams.




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