Angela Herberholz, Founder of HERBERHOLZ MEDIATION


Unlock the power of sustainable communication: Join us for an immersive 1.5-hour interactive workshop designed for business events professionals. As a seasoned mediator and business events expert, our facilitator recognizes the pivotal role of communication in averting and addressing workplace conflicts. Guided by the principles of mediation and fueled by the driving force of empathy, this session dives into fostering safe and productive work environments. Discover techniques and strategies that empower you to navigate complexities and champion a healthy culture of conflict.


Leaving authentic footprints in people’s lives through effective conflict resolution.

Mediating since 2010, Angela built her expertise in the international business events industry and the legal sector. She supports professionals through conflict prevention, management and resolution and offers skill development workshops for team leaders and managers to bolster their abilities in lasting conflict management.
Angela also serves as Board Member of the International Mediation Institute, Director of the Young Mediator’s Initiative, which she founded in 2010 and Mediator for the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Having worked at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), she has been at the heart of international dispute resolution, acquiring unparalleled insights into complex global conflicts.

Moreover, Angela’s professional experience at UFI, the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry and Fairtrade Messe has equipped her with valuable expertise in the regional and global development of the business events industry.

Based in Paris, Angela serves her clients around the world speaking English, French and German.



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