2023 was a very successful year for Go Exhibitions in terms of the “out-of-the-box” award category. We won seven awards in 2023. And the eighth one is awaiting final judging in January. It was not only about innovation and sustainability, but international collaboration through IFES Global Network also played a big role.

Since the beginning, international collaboration was a taboo for us. A lot of hassles….!

However, as we joined the amazing IFES family, things started to change. Our idea was to network with the other players and exchange know-how. And we did this but we were also amazed by the “IFES version of collaboration”.

Yes, with all sustainability efforts, collaboration is inevitable. Our globe is turning faster than before and it keeps getting faster and brings many challenges we can overcome with international collaboration.

But what we did not expect was the quality of the IFES Network. Just amazing people! And they have been doing this for so long.

Our first inquiry came from Israel. We received two projects from Kadmon Brin, an old IFES member. An astonishing design from Netta Shoham convinced us to give it a try. An exhibition stand made of cardboard boxes!

We took a leap of faith. Both projects were amazing. We did not only build two beautiful projects but also gained new friends, this time from Israel.

Yes, we won seven awards in 2023 and the nomination for the eighth one made to final jury, the results of which will be announced in January 2024. And four of those awards were with TevaApi (out-of-the-box) project with Kadmon Brin.

I would like to thank the IFES family for making this possible. We are proud to be part of it.