nomuraFounded in 1892, NOMURA Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the Japanese display industry with more than 120 years of history. NOMURA’s business began by constructing a traditional large-scale stage mechanism, which enables complex set changes during performances. Currently, NOMURA provides total solution services for noteworthy spaces with the theme of attracting visitors, including events and various facilities such as TOKYO SKYTREE®. NOMURA has a talented and highly attuned team of 350 in-house creators, the largest in Japan. NOMURA’s creative strengths have received acclaim in Japan as well as from overseas and have earned more than 100 interior design awards both at home and abroad.

NOMURA has also recently been involved in projects that highlight Japanese cultural beauty for overseas audiences by weaving together tradition and innovation using creative and state-of- the-art technologies, including an exhibition at Himeji Castle, one of the most famous World Heritage sites in Japan.

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