“As a leader, manager or director, you play a pivotal role at your organisation regarding processes and business relations, both internally and externally. The demanding speed at which you do business forces you to almost exclusively rely on your intellect, increasingly distancing you from your emotions. Eventually, you will be confronted by a situation against which your learned skills and techniques fall short and in the modern world, success depends on authenticity and the ability to give inspiring leadership. Pure, natural feedback! You’d be surprised what birds of prey can teach you. For starters, birds of prey are strategic hunters that are focused on optimum efficiency. They cannot permit themselves to waste even a scrap of energy. In addition, they are extremely sensitive and are in complete control of themselves. Furthermore, because birds of prey don’t pretend to be something they’re not and have no hidden agendas, their responses – even toward humans – are pure, transparent and genuine.

Train your leadership skills

During the situational coaching with birds of prey, the thoughts and intentions behind your actions are directly reflected in the behaviour of your team. During this communication training course, the interpretation of the direct, clear and honest feedback our birds provide increases your awareness of your attitude and its effect on those around you!”

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MasterClass 2019 Rotterdam | Dec, 01-03

Further information and registration can be found on the IFES Website or contact Dany Kupczik directly Dany[at]ifesnet.org

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