Wulff Entre Ltd. is a company specialized in turnkey solutions in trade shows and events globally. We provide design and professional project management for our customers in hundreds of events and exhibitions in more than 25 countries yearly.

We are also a perfect partner in pavilion organizing: we have a proven record of designing and constructing national pavilions around the globe and managing huge exhibition projects. We offer turnkey solutions with space, design, construction, furnishing, set-up and dismantling included. Our team of talented designers know the newest trends not only in Europe but all over the world.

We strive for excellence, we are passionate about our work and proud of our international experience spanning over 90 years. Staging an exhibition requires not only good marketing skills but also great ideas, a sense of style and trusted ability to manage the circumstances. You will find all this under one roof at Wulff Entre – part of Wulff Group Plc.

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