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IFES Super Brainstorm – today!

Do not miss the opportunity to meet and brainstorm together with your fellow IFES colleagues about the future needs IFES should cover  Monday, 9 November at 2.30 pm CET (Paris time). This is 9.30 pm in Shanghai and 7.30 am in Chicago! Looking forward t …

Don’t miss today’s IFES Skyperol

Not being able to meet is one thing, but seeing, exchanging and looking for solutions is another. Today, 06 November 2020 We start at 4pm CET (Paris), 09 am CDT (Chicago), 11 pm CGT (Shanghai/Hong Kong). Link

Upcoming challenges regarding employees

Besides the predefined selection, further challenges were defined. Since this question is not necessarily influenced by global effects, the challenges differ from continent to continent and country to country.In Africa, for example, many workers change …

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