IFES Masterclass 2023: Going Carbon Neutral for a Sustainable Future

14.09.2023 | IFES Press Releases | 0 comments

In an age where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a genuine concern, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) is leading the way in the exhibition industry. Their commitment to measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of all IFES events sets a powerful example, raising awareness among their members and inspiring positive change, one event at a time.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions at IFES Masterclass 2023

The upcoming IFES Masterclass 2023, scheduled from November 20th to 22nd in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, is a testament to IFES’s dedication to sustainability. What sets this event apart is its invitation to attendees to actively participate in the fight against climate change. For a nominal one-off payment of just €18.25, each attendee has the opportunity to offset a portion of the event’s carbon emissions.

But how is this €18.25 calculated? It’s designed to cover an estimated average of 365 kg of carbon emissions per person. This calculation takes into account various factors, including a 1000km economy flight, 3 hotel nights, 7 meals, and 100km of local train transport. In essence, attendees are contributing to the event’s carbon neutrality by investing in the future of our planet.

Supporting the FAMAB Stiftung FAMAB-Forest Project

What truly sets IFES apart is their choice of where these contributions go. 100% of the donations collected from the IFES Masterclass 2023 will be allocated to the FAMAB Stiftung FAMAB-Forest project in the Mamoni Valley, Panama. This project holds a special place in the hearts of many IFES members who were instrumental in its initiation.

The Mamoni Valley project stands out for its dedication to creating a completely new forest in a biodiversity hotspot. ForestFinance, FAMAB’s partner in forest investment, is leading the way in reforesting this valuable region. By promoting and conserving biodiversity, this project makes a significant contribution to global environmental protection. It’s not just about offsetting carbon emissions; it’s about ensuring a sustainable future for all.

The Mamoni Valley Advantage

The location of the Mamoni Valley project offers a unique advantage in the fight against climate change. Situated close to the equator, the forests here grow at an accelerated rate, resulting in quicker carbon dioxide reduction. This means that the impact of your donation is not only substantial but also swift. It’s a win-win for both attendees and the environment.

Furthermore, FAMAB’s local provider has gone the extra mile by establishing a wood-processing factory in Panama. This strategic decision ensures that the wood harvested from this reforestation project remains in Panama, contributing to the local economy and providing social security to the workers and their families.


The International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) is setting an example in the exhibition industry by prioritising sustainability. The IFES Masterclass 2023 in Frankfurt is not just an educational event; it’s a call to action for everyone involved. By offsetting carbon emissions and supporting the FAMAB Stiftung FAMAB-Forest project, attendees can actively contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

IFES’s commitment to environmental responsibility and dedication to impactful projects like the Mamoni Valley initiative showcase their genuine concern for the planet. As business professionals and event enthusiasts, let’s come together at the IFES Masterclass 2023 and make a difference—one carbon offset at a time. It’s a small investment in a brighter, greener future for us all.



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