New to the IFES Management Office is Maggie Hogie, who steps into the Project Manager role this month, bringing a strategic mindset and flexible approach refined by a diverse experience in event co-ordination, project management and management of diverse Esport teams from around the world.

With a vibrant history in hospitality and logistics management, Maggie’s journey through the gaming events sector has taken her from orchestrating Esports tournaments in Singapore, Lima, Berlin, Stockholm, and Riyadh to now graduating to a new adventure within the global events landscape here at IFES.

Already fluent in English, German, and Spanish, Maggie’s enthusiasm extends beyond her linguistic prowess to exploring new languages like Russian and Japanese, recognising the value of language in forging meaningful connections with our members around the world. Her dedication to collaboration and transparent communication mirrors our dynamic ethos at IFES, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, diverse perspectives thrive, and growth is inevitable.

We are thrilled to welcome Maggie’s fresh energy and expertise to our IFES Management team. She is well-positioned to skilfully manage our IFES events and we trust that her journey with IFES will fulfil her hopes of cultivating a deeper understanding of the global events landscape with opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

Maggie lives by a self-proclaimed “nerdy” motto, full of references to video games “Just like in your favorite RPG, success at work requires dedication, strategy, and a few critical hits of creativity. Every setback is just a respawn point. Keep respawning until you conquer your quests.”

From our point of view, Maggie – life is all one big game, and we think it is a perfect summation of a great work ethic. A “game-changing” attitude is exactly what we need to level up together and we look forward to your contribution!

As we warmly welcome Maggie, we also extend our heartfelt appreciation to Miriane Nues-Gnau for her dedication and contributions to the success of our IFES network. Thank you for your hard work, Miriane, and best wishes on your future endeavours.

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