IFES Masterclass 2023: Shaping Tomorrow’s Exhibition Leaders

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The exhibitions industry is at a pivotal juncture, and IFES is celebrating the return of the IFES MasterClass in November. Under the theme “Future-proof your career in Exhibitions,” the 2023 MasterClass is set to empower the next generation of exhibition professionals and drive the industry into a brighter future.

In light of the remarkable resurgence of face-to-face exhibitions, IFES is gearing up for the future. The education committee’s knowledge-sharing program for this eighth IFES MasterClass is designed to ensure the continued growth and sustainability of the exhibition industry.

MasterClass 2023 boasts a program developed through a collaborative effort between the IFES Education Committee and the IFES Talent Team, a dynamic group of forward-thinking professionals under 40 who blend innovation with well-established expertise. Together, they have crafted an experience that is both forward-looking and comprehensive.
Designed for mid-level industry professionals, including designers, project and account managers, and sales experts, MasterClass 2023 aims to equip attendees with the essential soft skills necessary for enduring success in the exhibition realm.

A one-of-a-kind knowledge exchange opportunity

Across two and a half action-packed business networking days, participants will have the unique opportunity to nurture intercultural understanding, cultivate global connections, enhance communication skills, foster resilience, and critically engage in various scenarios. They will also gain insights into diverse exhibition methodologies, discover digital and AI tools that enhance the exhibition experience, and explore the latest developments in sales and marketing.

IFES MasterClass 2023 offers a one-of-a-kind knowledge exchange opportunity led by celebrated experts in the industry, including Marketing and Business Consultant Lee Ali of ExpoStars, and CEO and Principal of Laguna Displays Steve Riches, who will share their expertise and insights from different corners of the globe.

Maximising connectivity

Participants can look forward to learning how to maximize their connectivity with colleagues, build high-performance teams, attract more clients, and gain a deeper understanding of how to provide added value to clients while respecting their geographical and cultural differences.

On a more personal level, Conflict Prevention Specialist, Angela Herberholz, will delve into the art of embracing conflict, offering techniques and strategies to navigate workplace complexities, along with the personal tools needed to thrive in this specialised environment.

The MasterClass will also illuminate the broader industry landscape, with EMECA General Secretary, Barbara Weizsäcker, discussing what it means to represent the sector to policymakers, sharing her advocacy experiences and insights into building alliances, addressing pressing policy issues, and their resolutions.

Staying ahead of the curve

The fast-evolving technological landscape of events demands proactive engagement to stay ahead of the curve. Holtmann+’s Creative Director, Jan Götze, will lead attendees on a journey through Generative AI, the metaverse, Web3, and the evolution of live events.

To stay competitive in our increasingly global world, it’s crucial to understand the variations in exhibitions worldwide. Timo Zühlke from mac brand spaces will provide valuable insights into this subject during IFES MasterClass 2023.

Driving industry growth

As always, IFES MasterClasses focus on driving industry growth and fostering inter-committee engagement. Opportunities for networking and collaboration abound, from an evening get-together hosted by Han Leenhouts of Sales and Pepper, featuring “Resilience Stories” that combine cooking and storytelling, to a friendly “Bowl-Off” on bowling night, interactive Solutions Tables sessions, and relationship-building during a visit to the Frankfurt Messe.

A World Café session with IFES Executive Director, Uta Goretzky, Sustainability Assistant Dominique Bohler and Holtmann+ CEO, Joerg Zeissig invites participation around the critical topics of :

  • Transforming our Industry
  • Work-Life Balance and Emotional Resilience
  • Easy Steps to Become More Sustainable

Creating memories

Beyond the professional development, this year’s MasterClass promises a generous dose of enjoyment and the opportunity to create lasting memories.
For more information about IFES MasterClass 2023 and to register for this unmissable event, please visit https://www.ifesnet.com/events-all/.

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