The “Sustainable Stand Best Practice Area” at BOE 2024 showcased what can be achieved when materials are reused. Not only did Octanorm provide second-use aluminium frames, but Moss contributed previously used fabric walls from recycled ocean plastic. Even the catering by Lemonpie Eventcatering and its partner PappStar was sustainable, realising a complete cradle-to-cradle approach for plates and silverware.

The IFES booth itself, also using Octanorm’s aluminium frames and recycled fabric walls by Moss, was additionally equipped with Montecolino’s recyclable carpet and its eventual outcome, cardboard flatpack furniture. The economical column of sustainability was also addressed by the collaboration and sponsorship of BOE international, Holtmann+, and The Inside StandBouw, which enabled us to promote other sustainability initiatives, like NZCE and our ISO 20121 convoy.